5 Signs Husband Not Happy with his marriage

In marriage, expressing a common feeling when you and your husband are having problems unresolved. Most women show their feelings verbally, while men do not. This is 5 Signs Husband Not Happy with his marriage. If you want to know whether or not the husband is happy with her marriage, just look at his behavior. In addition, you also can find out by reading the attitude of the self. Consider the five signs that your husband is unhappy with her marriage and how to overcome them, as quoted from Yourtango.

1. Rarely Spend Time With You
When the husband is more often spent time together with friends, working in a room or do other activities without invite you, he might feel unhappy. Avoiding other people is one of the most common way to avoid problems.

How do I fix this?
Perform approach and ask her husband what had happened. Perhaps at first he would say no problem. Do not force him, but give a warm hug or a kiss and tell him that you want to quickly resolve problems that occur between you both. Let him know that you want to discuss this issue without emotion and anger.

2. You Refusing Se’x More Often Than Doing It
You may have a reason to refuse se-xual intercourse. But if it is too often, this can make your husband feel themselves no longer attractive to him was unhappy with the marriage.

How do I fix this?
When you refuse to perform se’xual activities, say that you can not do it now but the next time. That way you do not 'too' refused his invitation. In addition, occasionally try to take her first love. This will give a boost ego and make her feel better.

3. Controlling your spending
Men can become like children when they are dealing with the hobby. If you limit your favorite thing, of course makes it so upset and angry. In the long term, this can cause the husband hates her marriage.

How do I fix this?
Do langusung say 'no', try to always discuss what he wants with you. Make a new agreement or commitment about his hobbies and trying not to break them.

4. Feeling Useless When at Home
While at home, almost all decisions made by the wife. Starting from the problem of domestic work, budget and even children. Not infrequently the husband feels that he as a 'giver of money' only. This is one factor that made him feel happy.

How do I fix this?
Spend time with her, explain to him that as a wife you need input. If true he felt snubbed when he was in the house, began to involve him in all your decisions about life bermah stairs.

5. Not Getting Attention from his wife
When the children were born, wives often feel that they are much more worth your attention than her husband. But in fact, it's not necessarily true.

How do I fix this?
Encourage children to play with you and your husband. Also, try to give more attention such as hugging, kissing, embracing or just holding hands. You do not need to stop being a 'wife' despite its status as a 'mother'.

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